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100% Fully Automated  – FXMath X-Trader is a Forex robot. 

You run the installer, click a few buttons, and it is then fully automated.

 You then do nothing. The system will trade for you while you eat, sleep, and live your life.

Contact us: fxmathtrader@gmail.com


FXMath X-Trader

Financial software team developing end-to-end also trading systems for quantitative hedge funds and institutional trading groups. Our system based on profitable mathematical models with highest possible profit and lowest drawn down. Star- FX works absolutely automatically. The trading logics is that the advisor finds the most likely trend direction for the next days and opens needed order in specified time. Signal calculations are based on math. As the result our system gives more than 90% of win trades. Our advisor is very easy to install, however if you want something to change or to choose in trading parameters you can do it without problems.

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