Publication Rules

Date Posted: November 7, 2019

Web Social Software can charge their services after the company has posted the ad. If in the hotfix is detected that the ad fails to comply with any of the rules listed below, the ad will not be published and Web Social Software can send the company an email stating the cause for which the notice is refused, offering the possibility of correcting it to suit www.websocialsoftware.com rules, if this is possible.

If the correction of the announcement is not possible or the company no wishes to correct and the announcement was not published, the company may request to Web Social Software, choose to keep the amount paid by the announcement as an existing credit, which can be used for any payment service offered by Web Social Software or the refund of the amount paid by the insertion of the advertisement.

1. General rules

1.1. – Compliance with the law: If your company wish to publish in www.websocialsoftware.com, must comply with current legislation. Will not be published under any circumstances, companies that include content or propaganda of racist, xenophobic, apology of terrorism or violate human rights or dignity.

1.2. – Registration form Ad: You must complete all sections of the registration form company. Also, it will be essential to include an email address and name of the advertiser that in any case, must be a valid name. The ad will only be effective once completed and verified through the existing system at all times according to the appropriate category.

1.3. – Forms Contact: In the event that the customers only can contact the company by telephone, it must expressly indicate in the ad. However, other forms of contact established on the portal are allowed; in this sense, the contacts are not allowed by SMS.

1.4. – Text Ad: The advertiser may not exceed the maximum limit of the ad text.

1.5. – Advertisements whose publication is not in the country selected location are not allowed. Only be published in the countries that are authorized on the web.

1.6. – Describe the company in the title: The title of the ad must clearly describe the company. You are not allowed to use unnecessary keywords in the ad. It is not allowed to put exaggerated titles such as “wonderful company”, “the best company in United Kingdom” or “services bargain”. Moreover, you not may put any exclamations or sign that it is not part of the name or brand of the advertised product.

1.7. – Company images: www.websocialsoftware.com allows the publication of images in the notice provided that they correspond to the company and announced that the advertiser has the ownership thereof or the necessary permissions to do so. Will not be published Companies that include photos of catalogues or are registered by third parties (and they have not given consent for use and publication), with URL (internet address), with phone numbers, texts, logos. Also, will not be published Companies from a forum or images having different water mark of the portal.

1.8. – Only one company per ad: It is not allowed to insert more than one company in the same ad or modify it to change the originally advertised company. A company is required by each announcement.

1.9. – Not insert duplicate companies: The duplicate companies are not allowed. Thus, it is not allowed to insert the same ad / more than 1 company in the same time simultaneously. We recommend delete the ad published before inserting the new one. It is also not allowed to insert the same ad in another province or in another category.

1.10. – companies only in the same category: It is not allowed to insert multiple companies from different categories in the same ad. Divide it into several companies if companies do not belong to the same category.

1.11. – Companies joke: It is not allowed to insert joke companies.

1.12. – Other companies not allowed: Companies exotics animals, drugs or pseudo drugs, registration papers or register: Never publishing other companies that are not related to the business sector such as parking cards, snuff, related to sex (sex toys, condoms, pornography, etc.), certain industrial products, health products, alcohol or any product that violates the law.

1.13. – Restrictions on companies with Health Certificates: The publication of companies of food, beverages (including alcoholic), drugstore, drugs or medication is not permitted.

1.14. – Publication of Arms: the publication of announcements concerning any type or model of weapon or their replicas is not allowed.

1.15. – Restrictions against companies of dubious origin:

Companies selling articles that not to prove their origin at the time of purchase is not allowed. Inserting companies with these features is prohibited. Therefore, is responsibility of the owner to prove that the car is yours and comply with the British law prohibited and punishable by imprisonment and a fine to advertisers who sell stolen articles.

1.16.-Restrictions against links:

The images and links to announcement should describe the advertised company. Consequently, it is not permissible that the ad is linked to other websites that do provide additional information about the product or service advertised, except as specifically authorized by systems from www.websocialsoftware.com. Likewise, neither can link to other websites or any other auction website dedicated to classified companies.

1.17. – Contacts with numbers type Premium:

No will publish companies whose contact phone is Premium payment type (type 08X), including phone numbers corresponding to the code 0871, 0872 or 0873 with links with esoteric content, astrological, Companies divination, and / or predicting the future by other means.
1.18. – Copyright: All rights companiesโ€™ text and image are transferred to www.websocialsoftware.com. Are not allowed to link to images of other companies or copy the full text of another ad. The images are protected by copyright.

2. Specific rules

2.1. – Only one ad per company: It is not allowed to insert more than one ad in the same company.

2.1.1 – United Kingdom Property Law: The companies must be registered in United Kingdom. If not so, indicate that the company has permits and / or the corresponding authorization in Council within United Kingdom territory or the country concerned.

2.2. – Restrictions against companies of dubious origin:

Companies selling articles that they canยดt to prove their origin at the time of purchase is not allowed. Inserting companies with these features is prohibited. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the company who advertises the article, demonstrate that the company is yours and comply with the law. British law prohibited and punishable by imprisonment and a fine to advertisers who sell articles stolen.

2.2.1. – Proper proof of ownership is limited to documents which show that the company is the legal owner. The company must provide proof of ownership with your Fiscal Identity Code.

2.3. – Other Services:

2.3.1. – Disallowed services:

Services involving any illegal practice on the site is not allowed. Especially services involving the violation of the security measures of the product as well as any announcements or service where offered sexual services, relaxing or similar features. Will also not be allowed to advertise related to clairvoyance and tarot, of healers, sorcerers, encouraging, or any other service or product related services.

2.3.2. – Companies Services: Providing services related to company, we do not allow companies content that could be considered discriminatory, racist, xenophobic, pornographic, terrorism or generally violate the fundamental rights character.

3. Other important considerations

The company who wants to be contacted only by telephone, must indicate in the ad text. However, you must always provide an email address so we can post your company.

Photographs of the ad cannot contain text, URL, frames, backgrounds, logos, watermarks, company names, or any contact data (e-mail, phone, address, etc.).

Also, in the ad text can not contain any e-mail, phone or URL. Such data shall be inserted in the fields intended for it.

The company is personally responsible for the ad content. Web Social Software has not responsibility for the advertised company or content.

If the ad is rejected must change the ad, by modifying the aspects that have led to the rejection to suit to the Web Social Software rules.

The rules are there for make a top-quality company in www.websocialsoftware.com. The rules are updated frequently and can therefore change over time. www.websocialsoftware.com reserves the right to decide when an ad is not accord with the rules and morals from the portal.