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Date Posted: November 7, 2019


This document aims to establish the General Conditions of Use Web “www.websocialsoftware.com (hereinafter “Web Social Software”), owned by Roberto Hernández Expósito (hereinafter “Owner”), is a private company, established in United Kingdom, Enterprise Arcade, 37 High Street, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1SB, County Durham and Email: administration@websocialsoftware.com

“Web Social Software” reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use in order to adapt to the applicable laws in each moment, the jurisprudential developments and current market practices.

These Terms of Use do not exclude the possibility that certain Web Services, for their particular characteristics, are in addition to the Terms of Use, subject to their own particular conditions of use (hereinafter, the Special Conditions).

The use by the User of any of the Web Services, implies and expresses their adherence and express acceptance of all the General Conditions of Use in the version published on this website, by the time the user accesses it, as well as the Special Conditions, if any, apply.


User Status            

Acceptance of the general conditions of privacy policy in conjunction with the use of any Service Web User attributes the condition thereof.

2.1. Need to register?

Generally for access to Web Services, the User Registration not required. However, the use of certain Services may be subject to prior registration. 

2.2. “Web Social Software”, reserves the right to disseminate and retouch whole or in part, to publicate ads in third portals in advertising campaigns to promote the Web, both belonging to third parties with which the Web can reach agreements, as well as other websites such as social networks or blogs, accepting the Advertiser that condition for the maximum term provided by law and by the largest geographical spread.

2.3. Using the Web and its services.

You acknowledge and agree that use of the content and / or services offered by “Web Social Software” is at your sole risk and / or responsibility.

The User agrees to use the Website and all of its contents and services as provided by law, morality, public order and these Terms of Use, and the Special Conditions, if any, will be application. It also undertakes to make appropriate use of services and / or contents of the Website and you not to use it for illegal or criminal purposes, which infringe the rights of others and / or violate the regulations on intellectual property, or any other applicable legal standards.

The User agrees not to transmit, insert, disseminate or make available to third parties any material and information (content information, messages, pictures, audio and video files, photographs, software, etc.) that are contrary to the law, morality, public order and these General Terms and Conditions, if any, to the Special Conditions that are applicable. By way of example, and in no case limiting or excluding, the User undertakes:

I. Do not enter or disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic, terrorism or violate human rights.

II. Do not introduce or spread data programs (viruses and harmful software) susceptible to cause damage to computer systems provider, its suppliers or third users of the Internet network.

III. Not to diffuse, transmit or make available to third parties any information or content element that undermines fundamental rights and public freedoms recognized by the Constitution and international treaties.

IV. Not to diffuse, transmit or make available to third parties any information or content element that constitutes unlawful or unfair advertising.

V. Not transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, “junk mail”, “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes” or any other form of solicitation, except in those areas (such as commercial areas) that have been specifically designed for it.

VI. No input or spread any false, ambiguous or inaccurate content that may harm recipients of information

VII. Do not impersonate other users using their registry keys to different services and / or content on the Web.

VIII. Not to diffuse, transmit or make available to third parties any information or content element that involves a violation of the rights of intellectual property, patent, trademark or copyright that corresponds to the holders of the Website or from third parties.

IX. Not to diffuse, transmit or make available to third parties any information or content element that involves a violation of the secrecy of communications and the law of personal data.

X. Do not include in our pages, contents that indicate or promote, racial, religious or sexual discrimination of any other violation of the rights and freedoms recognized by the laws of the Spain; that induce or incite illegal act or inaccuracy with my age, omission or similar; containing false or outdated; that violate the laws or regulations on privacy of communications, intellectual property, right to honor and personal privacy, or incorporate content, messages or violent or degrading products.


User acknowledges that all elements of the Web and of each of the services provided through it, the information and materials contained therein, structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of content and computer programs used in connection with it are protected by intellectual and industrial property “Web Social Software” or third parties.

Unless specifically authorized by “Web Social Software” or, if necessary, by other owners of the corresponding rights, or unless it is legally permitted, you may not reproduce, alter, modify, disassemble, reverse engineer, distribute, rent, loan , make available or allow public access through any form of public communication of any of the elements mentioned in the previous paragraph.

In particular the use of texts, images, advertisements and any other items contained in this web site for subsequent inclusion in whole or in part, on other websites outside the Portal without prior permission is strictly prohibited and writing the Web.

The User must not remove the signs identifying the rights (intellectual, industrial property or otherwise) of “Web Social Software” or third parties appearing on the Web and in each of the various services offered through it. Also, the User must not evade or manipulate any technical mechanisms for “Web Social Software” or third parties, either on the Web, in any of the Services or any materials, items or information obtained through it, to protect of their rights.

The user authorizes reproduce, distribute, transform and transmit the photographs to insert your ad for the purposes described in section “2.2.” this Legal Notice, as well as add watermarks “Web Social Software” order to avoid non-consensual use by third parties.


4.1. Availability and Continuity of the Website and Services.

“Web Social Software” not guarantee the availability, access and continuity of the Web and its services.

“Web Social Software” not be responsible, within the limits established in the current law, the damages caused to the User as a result of the unavailability, failure of access and lack of continuity of the Web and its services.

4.2. Content and Services “Web Social Software”.

“Web Social Software” is solely liable Services to provide for herself and content directly originated by “Web Social Software” and identified with its copyright. Such liability shall be excluded in cases where there force majeure or in cases where the configuration of the User’s equipment, not adequate for the proper use of Internet services provided by “Web Social Software”. In any case, the possible liability of “Web Social Software” towards the user for all items shall be limited for maximum amounts that directly receives the user by “Web Social Software”, excluding in all cases of liability for consequential damages or lost profits.

The Web is not responsible for the maintenance by third parties (as shown here by way of example, and in no way will limit or will exclude to: websites, aggregation, payment platforms, social networks or blogs) once announcement is given floor of our databases.

Remember, the Web is not liable for the possible occurrence of indexed listings on search engines outside the website, once they are discharged from our databases.

4.3. Content and Third Party Services.

“Web Social Software” not make a previous control, approve or seizes the content, services, opinions, communication data, files, products and any kind of information from third parties, natural or legal persons, collected on the Web. Similarly, does not guarantee the legality, reliability, usability, reliability, accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the content, information and services of others on the Web.

“Web Social Software” not controlled and does not guarantee the absence of viruses and other elements in the content and services provided by third parties through the Web, in the case that somebody can introduce alterations in the computer system, electronic documents or files of users.

“Web Social Software” not responsible, either indirectly or subsidiary, for damages of any kind arising from the use or purchase of Content and Third Party Services Web as well as the lack of legality, reliability, usability, reliability, accuracy, completeness and timeliness thereof. With character and in no way limiting, will not be liable for damages of any kind arising from:

 a) The infringement of intellectual property rights and defective performance or breach of contractual commitments acquired by third parties. 

b) The performance of acts of unfair competition and illegal advertising.

c) The inadequacy or by failure to meet expectations of the Services and Contents of third parties.

d) The vices and defects of any kind of third-party services and content delivered over the Web.

“Web Social Software” not responsible, either indirectly or subsidiary, for damages of any kind arising from the negligent or malicious use of the e-mail accounts used for any kind of integration, communication, performance management or the Web.

“Web Social Software” not responsible, either indirectly or subsidiary, for damages of any kind caused to the User as a result of the presence of viruses or other elements in the content and services provided by third parties that may cause alterations in the computer system, electronic documents or user files.

The disclaimer referred to in the preceding paragraphs shall apply in the event that “Web Social Software” does not have actual knowledge that the activity or stored information is unlawful or harms property or rights of a third party liable for compensation, or if they had, their best efforts to remove such data and content or block access to them.

4.4. Conduct of Users

“Web Social Software” not guarantee that users use the Web contents and / or services of the same in accordance with the law, morality, public order, or these Terms and where appropriate, in other particular conditions are apply. It also does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and / or authenticity of the data provided by users.

“Web Social Software” not liable or indirect subsidiary, for damages of any kind arising from the use of the Services and Website content by Users or that may arise from the lack of truthfulness, accuracy and / or authenticity of data or information provided by Users, or the impersonation of another by a User in any kind of action through the Web. By way of example, without limitation, “Web Social Software” not be responsible indirect or alternatively:

a) About The contents, information, opinions or statements of any User or third persons or entities that communicate or exhibit through the Web.

 b) For the damages caused to third parties arising from the use by the user of the services and contents of the Web.

c) For damages caused by lack of truthfulness, accuracy or inaccuracy of the identity of users and any information they provide or make accessible to other users.

d) In any damages arising from infringements of any user that affect the rights of another user or third party, including copyright, trademark, patents, confidential information and any other intellectual and industrial property.


You acknowledge and agree that any contract or tort relationship, if any, formalized with advertisers or third parties contacted through the Web, as well as participation in competitions, promotions, sale of goods or services, is made only and exclusively between you and the advertiser and / or third person. Accordingly, you agree that “Web Social Software” not have any liability for loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of their negotiations, conversations and / or contractual or extra-contractual relations with advertisers or third natural or legal persons contacted through the Web.


The Web offers customers (especially qualified for it) tools search and links that allow users access to web pages owned by other entities (text links).

The duly authorized Customer acknowledges and agrees that the use of the contents of the linked websites is at your sole risk and responsibility and exonerate “Web Social Software” any liability for the technical availability of the linked websites, quality, reliability, accuracy and / or veracity services, information, elements and / or contents that the client can access the same and search directories included on the Website.

“Web Social Software” directly or indirectly is not liable for damages of any kind arising from:

 a) The operation, unavailability, inaccessibility or lack of continuity of linked websites and / or search directories available.

b) Lack of maintenance and updating of content and services contained on the linked websites.

c) The lack of quality, inaccuracy, illegality, uselessness of the content and services of the linked websites.

The disclaimer referred to in the preceding paragraphs shall apply in the event that “Web Social Software” does not have actual knowledge that the activity or information to which it refers is lawful or harms property or rights of a third party liable for compensation or, if had that move swiftly to remove the data and content or block access to them.


Publication of an advertisement in “Web Social Software” allows the user the ability to send and publish free ad in this other portals “Web Social Software” authorized for this purpose. This involves sending and publishing the advertisement, as well as photographs and data provided, are replicated to the target portal based on their characteristics and technical requirements. The user may at any time edit the ad on the Web source and select / cancel this.


Before completing the User Registration you must read and accept the following information about Data Protection Act.


8.1. Modifications.

“Web Social Software” reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate, may modify, delete and include, unilaterally and without notice, new content and / or services and how they are presented and located.

8.2. Right of exclusion.

“Web Social Software” reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to the Portal and / or services offered, without notice to himself or a third party, to those users who may be in breach of these Terms of Use and / or conditions individuals, if any, may apply.

8.3. Minors.

In general, to make use of web services, minors needs a permit from their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be responsible for all acts performed through the Web by minors. In those services where expressly noted, access is restricted exclusively from 18 years.


The provision of services and / or contents of the Web is indefinite. Without limiting the foregoing, “Web Social Software” is entitled to terminate, suspend or terminate unilaterally at any time and without notice, the service and the Website and / or any of the services, without prejudice to it had disposed thereon in the corresponding conditions.


For the resolution of any disputes or differences arising between the parties in order to the application or interpretation of this Agreement, both parties waiving any jurisdiction that may apply, submit themselves to the jurisdiction and venue of the courts of the city of Newcastle. These Terms shall be governed by English law. 


“Web Social Software” use “cookies” to provide better and more personalized service, in order to streamline the service provided. This “cookie” is installed when the browsing session begins with any of our Sites of “Web Social Software”. If the user does not want to install on your hard drive a “cookie” must set your browser to block them, using this procedure recommended by your browser or delete it directly on your computer. 

However, It is possible that If you proceed to elimination of “cookies”, the speed and quality in running services “Web Social Software” may decrease.

“Web Social Software” will save your typical navigation path to tailor our services as possible to your preferences. The User give to consents for use of “cookies” from “Web Social Software”, without having to again ask your permission each time you enter one of our sites.

The cookies we send are stored on your PC. The names of the servers that transmit or activate the automatic data collection procedures are under the domain “Web Social Software.com”.

Below, we provide more information to better understand the different types of cookies that may be used:

– Session Cookies: These are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser until you leave the website, so that none is registered in the user’s hard drive. The information obtained through these cookies used to analyze traffic patterns on the web. Ultimately, this allows a better experience to improve the content and ease of use.

– Permanent Cookies are stored on the hard disk and reads the website each time a new visit is made. Despite its name, a permanent web has a set expiration date. The cookie will stop working after that date. It is generally used to provide the various services offered by web pages.

Additional guarantees. Management cookies:

All Internet browsers allow you to limit the behavior of a cookie or disable cookies in the settings or browser options. The steps to do this are different for each browser, being able to find instructions in the help menu of your browser.

Most browsers allow you to navigate a private way by which cookies are always deleted after the visit. Depending on the browser this private way, you can have different names. Below you can find a list of the most common browsers with a link to your cookie settings and different names for this “private mode”:

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