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Exploring the Dark Side of Mubert: A Comprehensive Review

When it comes to finding top-quality software, products, and services in the realm of AI-generated music, often emerges as a popular choice. However, upon closer inspection, a dark cloud looms over this platform, raising significant concerns about its practices and offerings.


One of the primary issues with is its pricing strategy. Many users and reviewers have noted that the plans offered by Mubert are exorbitantly priced for the level of service provided. Furthermore, the platform requires users to commit to monthly subscriptions rather than offering a more flexible payment structure.

Music Generation

While Mubert touts itself as an AI-powered music generator, the reality is far from impressive. Users who have tried the free demo report that the generated tracks lack variation and often sound generic. Even with minor tweaks based on genre and prompts, the music produced by Mubert fails to impress in terms of creativity and originality.

Data Collection

Another cause for concern with is its data collection practices. The platform has come under fire for its lack of transparency regarding the collection of user data, particularly email addresses. Users are left in the dark about how their personal information is being used or shared, raising serious privacy issues.

Ownership Rights

Perhaps one of the most glaring red flags with Mubert is its stance on ownership rights. Despite users investing in premium plans, they do not have ownership or commercial rights to the music creations generated on the platform. This lack of control over their creations raises questions about the platform’s integrity and user-centric approach.

Controversies has not been exempt from controversies, with one notable incident involving the company locking its API code from huggingface. This move alienated creators and coders who were collaborating on projects for free, shedding light on the questionable business practices employed by Mubert.


In light of these troubling findings, it is essential to issue a cautionary warning to potential customers considering The platform’s shady tactics and money-grabbing strategies signal a lack of trustworthiness and user-centric values. Subscribing to premium plans or providing credit card information to is not advised, given the platform’s questionable practices.

In conclusion, while may present itself as a cutting-edge AI music generation platform, a deeper dive reveals a different reality. From overpriced plans and generic music generation to questionable data practices and ownership rights, Mubert leaves much to be desired in terms of user satisfaction and trustworthiness. Before committing to this platform, users should weigh these concerns carefully and explore alternative options that prioritize user rights and transparency.

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